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Compliance One Group announced today the acquisition of, owned and operated by Brad Keyes, a leading industry expert in Life Safety Code® and former advisor to Healthcare Facility Accreditation Program (HFAP) and a former Joint Commission Life Safety surveyor.

Keyes has 40 years of expertise in organizational assessments, management training, task groups coaching, and extensive one-on-one coaching of facility leaders in the healthcare industry. His collaboration with Compliance One Group and its team of experts – including former CMS, Joint Commission, and AAAHC surveyors; Life Safety Code® specialists; Certified Healthcare Constructors; security experts; and emergency preparedness professionals – elevates our service offerings to an unprecedented level.

“We’re especially excited to expand our online offerings and information on the Life Safety Code®. Where Brad was limited in time and resources, he can now utilize Compliance One Group’s team of experts to provide deeper levels of support unseen in the healthcare industry,” said Jim Feltch, CHC, president and chief executive officer at Compliance One Group. “Our companies’ core values have always focused on bringing value and education to our clients and the healthcare industry as a whole. We treat our clients like they’re a part of our team and we take the time to elevate them as professionals through their experience in working with us. The partnership of our experts will come together in an educational resource hub that is full of interactive healthcare knowledge to help our clients be better informed to the changing world around them. This follows CSM Group of Companies’ team promise of ‘We help each other be great’, which extends to our client base as well.”

The addition of Keyes’ educational resource hub will elevate Compliance One Group’s service offerings for their clients, allowing them to provide current, relevant information as it pertains to the Life Safety Code® and other industry-specific requirements by:

  • Extending the current platform to bring an educational experience to users’ through an online learning platform;
  • Implementing interactive in-person training as an extension of its online content; and
  • Bringing in other industry experts to the platform to further assist the healthcare community in obtaining information based on their pain points.

“Over the past five years, we’ve gotten to know Brad, and it became obvious that our working relationship is symbiotic; the work that each of us does supports the others’ and together, we deliver a cohesive package to our clients,” said Eric Kella, vice president of operations at Compliance One Group. “We now have a powerhouse team of experts that can manage our clients’ projects from strategy and pre-planning through execution of identified solutions, and we can assess the situation more holistically. Unlike other compliance solutions providers in the industry, we take our services a level deeper to understand your business and address your concerns at the next level. Brad’s extensive reach into the national healthcare market also allows Compliance One Group to expand its services beyond the Midwest.”

Over the years, Keyes’ clients have included insurance underwriter groups, hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physician practice groups, and large integrated systems both nationally and internationally. The special combination of Keyes’ experience coupled with Compliance One Group’s team of experts will also allow the organization to provide hands-on training for various groups and organizations throughout the country. Keyes has presented at national seminars and regional conferences alongside Compliance One Group and is the key presenter of the Keyes Life Safety Boot Camp.

This collaboration is a game-changer within the healthcare, safety, and compliance industries; we are leading the charge as it relates to identifying best practices for Life Safety Code® and compliance. We have realpeople that give our clients realinformation that can be put into practice.

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