CSM Group of Companies promotes Kristin Kremer to vice president of human resources

CSM Group of Companies is proud to announce the promotion of Kristin Kremer to vice president of human resources (HR).

In her role, Kremer will be responsible for directing and overseeing the company’s HR plans in ways that support CSM Group of Companies’ mission and overall strategy, as well as ensuring the long-term success of both HR and the organization as a whole. This includes, but is not limited to, providing the company with the best talent available and for positioning the organization as an employer of choice by being aware of the policies, practices, and trends within the industry.

“She has a great passion for cultural excellence, along with a talent for fostering both inclusivity and individualism,” said Steve East, chairman and chief executive officer of CSM Group of Companies. “Her guidance and deep knowledge enable us to embrace our teammates in a unique and tailored fashion that amplifies their enthusiasm and drives them to be their best.”

Most recently, Kremer served as the company’s director of HR and manager of organizational development and diversity. In the 12 years that she has been with the company, she has developed and implemented several HR plans and policies regarding recruitment, training, and compensation and has led CSM Group of Companies through a cultural transformation with the implementation of several employee recognition programs.

In addition, Kremer is a strong advocate for diversity in West Michigan, supporting small, diverse business owners in numerous ways. She has planned and executed a number of supplier diversity events which have benefited the region as a whole, customers, and CSM Group of Companies specifically.

“Her pursuit for culture alignment in an inspiring manner is not only evident in the CSM Group environment, but also in her efforts to support and promote diversity within our delivery teams,” said Jim Feltch, chief executive officer and president of CSM Group. “She has a long history as a leader in identifying opportunities for diverse suppliers to integrate into the project, as well as aiding in education and training to ensure the team is best supported for success.”

Since 2013, Kremer has sat on the Board of Directors for the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council, a nonprofit organization committed to empowering women and minorities economically through business development training, supplier certification, business-to-business networking, and more.

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